My name is Page - I am a mom to 3 and a wife to 1.  I started on this homeschool journey in 2003 before any of my kids were even born. 

I taught for 10 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom.  I taught at a treatment center for juvenile delinquets for 8 years where I was exposed to kids who came from a variety of backgrounds and who had committed a variety of crimes including sex assault.  After 8 years I was starting to burnout but didn't want to stop teaching so I went to a local school district. 

During my first year at the public school I witnessed many things that I didn't feel comfortable witnessing and knew that if I ever had kids I wouldn't want them to witness it either.  At the time, my husband and I were trying to get pregnant.  In March of 2003 we found out why I was having trouble getting pregnant when I went to the hospital for emergency surgery after a torsion (I lost my left ovary and fallopian tube).  After the surgery we went to a fertlity speciailst who after a few months determined I could not get pregnant.  During our last course of meds I did get pregnant but didn't know about it until I was 15 weeks along. 

Going from not being able to ever get pregnant to being pregnant was a major emotional roller coaster.  Something inside me stirred and I started looking into school options - I didn't want to send my little one to public school and endure the things I witnessed.  I soon found homeschooling and knew it was the answer I was looking for.  I read many many books that inspired me but the one that clinched it for me and I recommend to every new homeschooler I meet is The Well Adjusted Child by Rachel Gaithercole.

I have now been homeschooling for 13 years and I know that I will never willingly send my children to a brick and mortar school.  I love all the drama, the aha moments and even the screaming moments but they are my children and I love them and I love to see them growing and learning every day. 

I loved all the firsts I got to watch when they were babies and I didn't want to stop watching those firsts just because they turned 5.  I haven't missed a first yet!

My 3

Cairn - the oldest and the mommy.  She loves to boss her siblings around.  It is a daily battle to try to get her to be the big sister who helps instead of the one that demands.  She loves to read and can read a book in an hour if left alone.  She is also my perfectionist - she won't do anything for you until she knows she has it.  Give her some time and she usually gets it.  Cairn decided she wanted to become an ornithologist when she was 5 years old.  Now she works for several organizations learning all she can about birds.  She has started her own blog to share her adventures.

Skylar - the middle one and the stubborn one.  She sticks her lip out when she is mad and has the grouchiest face you have ever seen but she is also very tender and loving.  She loves to draw and be creative.  Her stories are full of exuberance and style.   She loves to talk and tell you things that have happened to her over the years and she has a great memory for all things.  She has decided she wants to open a vegan bakery in Hawaii one day so she now works on creating cakes and cupcakes.  She has a blog about the cakes she tries to recreate.

Andrew - the baby and the only boy.  And oh boy is he a boy.  He loves to throw a ball and loves his trucks and his LEGO's.  He can climb anything and usually does in a days time.  He also knows the names of all the tools in the garage and how to use them - if Daddy is home that is where you will find Andrew.   Andrew is the biggest helper and will stop most any activity to help someone.

All 3 kids started Taekwondo in 2014.  We are all currently Brown belts - 2 belts away from earning our Black belts.

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