National Night Out Block Party

Every summer I want to have a block party so this summer I took advantage of the National Night Out and planned a block party for both sides of our cul-de-sac.  We have lots of new people that moved in so it was a good excuse to invite them over too.

The girls were very busy making cupcakes and they wanted to do a Police theme.

Andrew got to help with frosting the cupcakes.

He finished his police flag first.

We started setting up the tables and chairs around 5:15 PM.  We decided to have the party on our driveway since there was some shade.  The middle of the cul-de-sac was super hot especially with the new black top.

At 6 PM, our first police unit showed up.  These ladies were from the HR substation.  They worked the front desk and investigations.

They had just driven the car off the sale lot so it was brand new and didn't even have a computer in it yet but all the kids got to climb in and check it out.

Everyone on the 2 cul-de-sacs brought a salad, a dessert or a side dish.  There were lots of yummy options for everyone.  Everyone also brought their own meat to grill and we used our grill.

Eventually, a second unit showed up.  I didn't realize that we would get visited by multiple units so it was exciting to see who might show up.

This is the SORT (special operations response team) unit.  They typically work in detention.

This is one of their non-lethal bullets they use to subdue people.  It would definitely hurt.

The kids got to try on some of their gear.

 And a couple parents tried some on too.

The girls made sure they told each unit about the cupcakes and most of the officers took one.  They got a lot of compliments about their cupcakes and decorating.  They were super proud. 

Towards the end of the evening, we had another patrol unit stop by.  They let the kids run the lights and sirens and talk on the PA system.  I am sure the neighbors around us were wondering what all the police activity was about.

Andrew and C got locked up in the paddy wagon.

Thankfully, they were released on their own recognizance.

All the kids tried on the handcuffs too.

Skylar and C in the back of the paddy wagon - they better be upset about being back there.

Time to say good night!!
The block party was a ton of fun.  It was nice visiting with neighbors and with the police.  I will definitely be planning next years party too.


  1. Great blog and glad the kids got to have a positive contact with the police. Great idea of having the block party and inviting the police. I beat the police really enjoy being appreciated. Love Cappy


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