Happy Independence Day 2017!

I still need to take daily walks for my recovery so Cairn and I left so we could walk to the parade.  Everyone else followed behind us a short time later.

I was hoping to make it to the parade before they caught up with us but I was too slow.

The family in their Patriotic attire.

Andrew and his pal, C.  C and his mom rode down with Dad, Skylar and Andrew on their bikes so they could see the parade too.

My favorite part - the Color Guard.

My favorite float that we see every year.  It helps to remind people why we are at a parade on this day.

After the parade, Cairn and I started walking back but I couldn't make it all the way home.  Dad rode home on his bike (the chain broke on the way) and then drove down to pick up Cairn and I.  I think I have done my exercise for the day.

We hung out at home for the day and then went to see the fireworks over by the post office.  This year we saw fireworks twice - the Glendale fireworks on the 1st and the fireworks in HR on the 4th.


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