Science Experiment #2

We did another MEL Science experiment today - Tin.

We made Tin dendrites - a metal tree using electric current.

We left the current flowing for so long (we wanted to see how big a tree we could grow) that we dissolved the clip.  That is why one area is so black.  

 The tree grows from one current toward the other current.

We also grew a tin hedgehog.  These are actually very small.  I took the picture with a magnifier that clipped onto my phone.  It was included with our kit.

The hedgehog forms when the zinc reacts with the tin chloride and forms crystals.  Skylar wanted to keep the hedgehog but the crystals are so delicate that they break as soon as the container is moved.  There is no way to pour the hedgehog out and keep the crystals.


  1. You really come up with some great experiments. I have never seen this experiment


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