Science Experiment #1

I finally had the time and the energy to sit down with the kids and do some of our MEL Science kits.  We started with Chemistry of Monsters to learn about the kit and do something simple that turned out to not be so simple.

We made a Sugar Snake out of a pile of baking soda and sugar.  

We had to try the experiment 3 times before we finally got this creation.

Not exactly a snake but we still learned what we needed to learn - when sugar burns it creates water vapor and carbon dioxide.  We discussed the 3 chemical reactions that occurred in our experiment -
  • Combustion of sugar (good oxygen supply available) to give carbon dioxide and water vapor:
С12H22O11 + 12O2 → 12CO2 + 11H2O
  • Thermal decomposition of sugar to give carbon and water vapor:
С12H22O11 → 12C + 11H2O
  • Thermal decomposition of baking soda to give sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide, and water vapor:
2NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O


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