Happy 13th Birthday Cairn!

This morning, Cairn got to do her favorite thing in the world - band birds - but in our own backyard.

Cairn helped put up the nets.

I set up the banding station.

It took about an hour for our first bird but we finally got a male House Finch.  It is not one of the target birds so he only got a metal band.

He is very orange for some reason.

Then we waited patiently for another bird.  We waited and waited.

Finally, we got another male House Finch.

While waiting for birds to get caught, we looked for nests to do a nest study and also did a random sampling of the vegetation in our yard.

We had a bird caller going to try to bring in some of our target birds.  The only one we could get to was a Spotted Towhee.

He jumped into the nets 3 times before we finally caught him.

He will get 2 color bands so we know he is our bird that we banded.  He got a red band and a yellow band.

Time to go...but he wanted to rest first.

We only got 3 birds which was a huge let down because we have so many birds in the morning but we think the chaos of the morning scared everyone off.  We didn't see our regular Robins, Lesser Goldfinches or Chickadees.  Maybe next year will be better.

After the banding station was taken down and Miss Meredith left, we had lunch and then played quietly inside (Okay...mom napped)

For dinner, Cairn wanted to go to Olive Garden.  It was a nice dinner.

Skylar is becoming a great cake decorator as she created this beautiful cake.

She used fondant and had a great time learning the best way to use it.

Andrew lit the candles when it was time to sing Happy Birthday!

Cairn loved being sung too and many people in our area clapped for her when we were finished singing.


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