Freedom Service Dogs

For some reason, Cairn has had a rough start to her bluebird box monitoring.  She has had someone pull out new nests and discard them, tamper with her boxes and now throw out new eggs.

The mama bird would not discard infertile eggs at her box because it would attract predators.  It was not a snake or raccoon because it has a baffle.

So the only explanation is a human.  Hopefully, the birds will try again.

After box monitoring, we headed out to Freedom Service Dogs for our first JAC (Junior American Citizen) field trip and service project.

We collected many items from their wish list to give to the organization.  Every family had to bring something to go on the tour.

We met in the training room where we learned about what exactly the organization does.

They train dogs they have found at shelters to become service dogs for Veterans.  The dogs learn basic service dog commands but they will also become specialized for the Veteran they are paired with.  For example, it a Veteran cannot enter their home without it being searched first, they will teach the dog to search the house and then alert the Veteran when it is safe to enter.

We got to meet a dog that is now an Ambassador.  His name was Cargo and he was very well trained and he loved all the attention that he got from the kids.

We got a tour of the rest of the training center.  They have a full apartment set up so the dogs can practice opening refrigerators, putting laundry into the washer or dryer and retreiving remotes and any number of things they would need to know to help a Veteran.

Sometimes, the dogs don't become a service dog so they have a "career change" and get adopted to another home.  They never allow any of the dogs they have saved from a shelter to return to a shelter.

All of my kids are ready to volunteer at the center but they have to be 12, so we will look into foster dogs on weekends and over the holidays.  Stay tuned for our first foster weekend.


  1. Very interesting trip. Let me know if you ever foster a dog. What will the cats think about having a dog in the house? Cappy


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