Bird Banding/Beginning Bird Class

Cairn had another Beginning bird class field trip today.  This one was at our favorite spot - the banding station.

They were supposed to start out at the banding station but because of the cold start to the morning, they were moved to a later time.  I sat in the car until it was warm outside and then I headed over to the station.

I went over to see what birds they were catching and ended up helping out - since I am a trained volunteer.

When Cairn showed up later, I was still working and she was jealous.  She left the class with Meredith and helped the other volunteers pull out birds.  She had heard the lecture Meredith was giving many many times, she didn't need to hear it again.

Since I was only helping out at specific times, I got to take some pictures of some of the birds.

This a beautiful Western Tanager.

This is a Spotted Towhee.

We found some turtles as we were walking out.  Can you find them?
There are 5 turtles.


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