Our Busiest Day EVER!

Cairn had her best friend, Z spend the night last night so we could head out early for our day of adventures.

First, we started off in Boulder on the CU campus for the monthly CU Wizards event.  We got to Boulder in good time but then had to walk around the campus looking for the building and then the correct door to enter.  Luckily, there were LOTS of other parents with kids doing the same thing so we could follow the crowd. 

Finally, we found the right building and headed inside to our seats.  We sat in the third row so we wouldn't miss anything.

This month's lecture was all about Chemistry.
Now, since this was our first event I didn't know what to expect but I figured it would be a very simple version of chemistry.
Boy, was I wrong.  They started off immediately talking about the scientific method and an experiment.

What was in the 2 floating balloons?  We knew they had to be helium or hydrogen but how could we tell which was which?
Easy - explode them and see what happens!  The helium balloon just popped while the hydrogen balloon EXPLODED into a fireball.
All the kids loved it.

As you can see by the slides, the presenters did not talk down to the kids.  They used the chemical names, formulas and many big words to explain what was going on.
Cairn whispers to me - "what is a thermite reaction?"  Sounds like a good research question for school next week.

After the lecture, we went out to lunch at Native Food Cafe - you know our favorite restaurant.  The kids split meals and desserts.

Then we started driving to Lookout Mountain for the Halloween Festival.  As we were driving we saw some hang gliders.

At Lookout Mountain Nature Center,  we went on a hike to solve the Missing Pinecone Mystery.  We had to talk to several animals on the trail to see if they had stolen the pinecones.

First, the bear.

Then the Great Horned Owl.

Then the Pine Beetles

Then, our favorite, the Turkey Vulture
A mountain lion

Finally, we found the culprit, the Abert Squirrel.

After the hike, we listened to some storytelling and sang songs before we headed off to dress scarecrows.

Then, we headed inside to do some crafts - the girls made paperbag Owls.

While Andrew made a lollipop Spider

After we finished our crafts, played some games and ate a snack, we headed toward home but not before we stopped at the park.

We played at the park for about half an hour before we headed to the Dino Hotel for our favorite raptor show.  This time for Halloween, they talked all about owls.

The Great Horned Owl.

The guy was a first for us and he was new to the organization.  He is a Barred Owl.  He had a lot of personality and he was so beautiful.

We also saw a Barn Owl.  We had seen him many times before.

Our favorites were the Screech Owls.  They only weigh 5 ounces.

After the show, we finally headed home again.

It was 12 hours later but we had made it to all our events.  I didn't know if we would but we did it.  Everyone was exhausted (including me).  We had been listening to a story on tape during our drives but on the way home, everyone's brain was tired so we took a break from the story.  We stopped at Taco Bell to pick up dinner.  We ate dinner and then we dropped into bed and immediately fell asleep.  What a day!


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