School, try-outs, piano and a movie

Cairn woke up early, got dressed and came downstairs and got to work before she had even eaten her breakfast.  She did a math lesson on story problems with area and perimeter.  She took a spelling test, and a Spanish test and got ready for her piano solo.  She was finished by 10:30 again.

Skylar struggled with staying on task.  She did take a language skills test and aced it and read her phonics book.  She loves to read to us now and Andrew likes that Skylar can read to him and she wants to read to him.

Andrew worked on Reading Eggs.

After we had a snack of popcorn I got everyone working on some of our science experiments.  First, we crushed some ice and put it in a plastic bottle.  It was supposed to cave in but it didn't.  I don't know what we did wrong but we will try again tomorrow.  Then I read a chapter about atoms and molecules.  I pulled out the periodic table and we found different elements.  We found out what the numbers mean.  We acted like neutrons, electrons and protons too.  Then we started working on our buckyball.  We couldn't get it to work either so we will try that again tomorrow with Dad's help.  Finally, we created a water molecule model and talked about how different atoms attract.

Our Girl Scout troop had their flag team try-outs and Cairn made it on the team.  Skylar is an alternate.  It was so beautiful outside we held try-outs outside.  Only the roofers next door thought we were a little crazy, everyone else on the street figured it was just us.

Cairn had piano tonight and struggled through her solo - she forgot the chords -so she will try again next week.  She was pretty upset about it.

We came home and while I made dinner we turned on a holiday movie to get everyone into the giving spirit.  It was just a nice evening.

This weekend looks to be beautiful and busy.


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