We had a weird start to the day.  Cairn was up first (after Dad left) so none of us even saw Dad.  I woke up at 8, Andrew was up at 8:30, and Skylar was up at 9:30.  Late mornings caused a late start to school and we never really got back on track.  Cairn was the only one who got all her work finished.  We didn't make it to park day but Andrew did go to his playdate.  Cairn was a little upset about that - she didn't think it was fair that Andrew didn't finish his work and still got to go.  I tried to explain that he needs this playdate - it isn't  just a fun thing.

The playdate was fantastic.  Andrew and K did mostly parallel play as they would at this age but Andrew really like K.  I thought he would want to play like he does with his sister with making up stories and making car noises and such.  But he didn't.  They played in the dirt, they played in their sand.  They rode bikes and bounced on a bouncy ball.  Then they went inside and played with K's cars.  Andrew checked out his room.

After an hour, we left and Andrew talked the whole way home about his new friend.  Skylar had piano tonight so I was gone with her but Andrew even told Dad about K without any prompting from me.  He is very excited about a friend.  We set up another playdate for next week and Andrew can't wait.


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