We are working on learning about atoms, molecules and matter.  We started putting together a Buckyball today (better known as buckminsterfullerene)

What is a Buckyball?  It is a carbon molecule made up of 20 hexagons and and twelve pentagons.
 First, we made our pentagons.  We make 2 red and 9 green ones.  We used gummy bears and toothpicks - the directions said to use gum drops but you could only use 2 colors.  I wasn't sure how I would get gum drops in just 2 colors so I got a large bag of gummy bears from Sam's

After we made our pentagons, we were supposed to start attaching them and making some hexagons and it was supposed to bowl up so it would start making a ball.  We grew frustrated after about 20 minutes and it wasn't making a bowl or a ball.  We decided to wait until Dad got home to see if he could help us.

For more information about the Buckyball you can go here or here.  There are even Buckyball toys but most seem to have been discontinued for some reason - it appears to be safety.

We had a lot of fun trying to make it and the kids ate some gummy bears but even though we didn't make it completely we learned a lot.


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