First Field Day

Today was a super hot day so we decided to do Field Day.  Actually one doesn't have anything to do with the other but it was the hottest day of the year so far.  Field Day had been scheduled for a month.

We got to the park at 12 PM for a picnic lunch with the other COVA students (COVA is Cairn's online school).  We met up with lots of friends.

At 1 PM, they divided the kids into their grade levels which seems odd to me since they don't really hang out with the same aged peers but it makes it easy I suppose.  Cairn went with the 4th graders since that is where all here friends were.  No one seemed to notice and I didn't care.  Skylar went with the kindergartners.

 The three legged race.

 Soccer dribbling.
 Not sure what this was called but they ran with a ball.

 Sponge race.

 Cairn with her friend, O.
 Cairn in the 3 legged race.
 The aftermath - I think she was hot.

 There were some fountains at the park where we were so everyone headed over after the events.
 Drenched!!  Cairn of course, was worried about getting wet but I assured her she could go home wet and I wouldn't make any stops with her in wet clothes so she got wet.

.After field day, we went home to change clothes and play with more friends.  No one napped on the way home.  They were too excited talking about all the things they had done.  We played outside for awhile and then went in for dinner.  After dinner, I have started taking the street kids to the park with us until about 8 PM.  Everyone loves it especially the parents.  No naps, lots of hard running, out in the sun all day equals one easy bedtime.


  1. A fun day was had by all!! Lots of fun games and smiles.


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