Yesterday was pretty uneventful until the evening.  We had a great day with everyone getting their schoolwork finished with no arguing.  We went to the water park to play for a bit before heading home to eat dinner.  Nope - not even delaying dinner these days - I don't want those rotten behaviors so I do everything I can to make sure dinner is ready at 5 PM.

We got home for dinner ate and then headed outside.  I could tell the kids on the block were getting a little antsy about being stuck on the block every night so I offered to take them all down to the park down the street from our house.  Everyone got on their bikes and we headed out.  I kept my eye on the skies because clouds were really beginning to build up.

We played at the park for an hour before the thunder drove us home.  I didn't see anything coming but we kept hearing this low rumble from the clouds.  Got everyone home with no injuries just a couple broken bikes.  We played on the street some more until some of the neighbors came out and told us there was severe weather in the area.  Not over us or moving toward us but it kinda freaked out the kids so we went inside.

Almost as soon as we got everyone inside, the rain started pouring, the thunder and lightning really hit.  Eventually we even got hail.  I didn't even try to get anyone into bed because of all the noise and they were pretty upset so we just hung out until the weather calmed down.  Finally at 10:30, I got Andrew into his bed, Skylar on the floor next to my bed and Cairn in her room reading.  By 11 PM, Cairn was next to Skylar on the floor.

Finally, we were all asleep until 1 AM when round two started.  This was even more severe than the first storm.     The hail was larger, lasted longer and there was more lightning and more rain.      

 Out our front door and Dad's car.  It is outside because he has wood in the garage and all the toys that didn't sell at the garage sale.

 Across the street - check out the street - that is all hail.
 Andrew collecting some hail - all three were awake but Andrew was being super brave and looking outside.
 My garden this morning.  The above pots were my herbs.  The pots below were my tomatoes.  They were big and beautiful plants - no tomatoes yet but I had started them from seed and they were doing great.
 My raised garden with my carrot that had survived the winter.  There was also bell peppers and radishes in.
 The deck - if you look under the table you will the strawberry plants.  They hadn't been planted yet but they were happy in their pots.  I had put them under the table last night because I was afraid the wind would blow  them off - they ended up pretty protected so I saved one thing.
The forecast says more severe weather tonight.  Hold on for an update.


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