Cooking and Camping

I was up at 6 AM to get dressed and pack my days necessities.  I was heading out at 7:30 to carpool with some ladies to an early and all day Girl Scout training.  It was gearing up to be a hot day again.

The training started promptly at 8:30 with a gory story about bears coming into a camp.  No one was injured but it was certainly a story to wake you up.

By 9 AM, we were outside pitching tents.  I told my group to put the poles in at the same time, the instructor heard me, saw how quickly we got the tents up and asked me to help teach the other 2 groups how to pitch tents.  Wasn't aware I was an expert but she sure thought so.  Then she asked me to teach everyone how to put in the stakes and the difference between the different types of stakes.

After pitching tents, we had to take them down and then we got to cooking. We learned about camp stoves, charcoal cooking and solar cooking.  We couldn't do the charcoal cooking because of the fire ban.  One of our tasks for the day was to cook lunch so we had to divide up who was cooking what - the mac and beef, the green beans, the fruit salad and the fruit dump.  When we started getting into groups, I immediately asked to be in the salad group so I didn't have to cook the meat stuff.  That got a conversation going about being vegan.  I was the only vegan in the group so everyone was asking me questions - why? for how long? were my kids vegan?  were they healthy?

Lunch was not the most nutritious or the healthiest choices.  The fruit salad was made with fruit cocktail fruit - you know the kind in heavy syrup.  The green beans had cheese whiz in it and the fruit dump had another round of canned fruit in syrup.  While everything was cooking, I looked through the cookbook they were giving us - all I can say is I won't be using the cookbook and I know all my parents will agree with me.

After lunch, which took about 2 hours to cook and eat we finally got back to our curriculum.  We covered knots (1 hour) and knife safety.  We also talked about how to plan a camping trip with everything from transportation to meals to activities and extra activities in case of weather changes.

I got back home by 5:30 and called Dad who had taken the kids to his dad's house to work.  They were doing fine so he said he would bring them home when he was finished for the day.  So I started working around the house, got it picked up with no one making a new mess behind me, got some more things finished for the award ceremony and worked on getting school ready.  The kids were home by 9 PM and in bed by 10 PM.


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