Tongue and evaluation update

The doctor was right.  Andrew's tongue is sooooo much better today it is amazing.  Yesterday there was a hole, no hole today and it almost looks just like a scrape on his tongue instead of a bite.  He is eating almost anything he wants - he even ate popcorn today.  He hasn't complained once about his tongue either.  I am still giving him Tylenol regularly just to help ease the pain but I don't think he will need it tomorrow. 

His evaluation went well - he doesn't qualify for special education because the areas of need don't impact his education.  Andrew is above his age level for expressive language and receptive language.  The only language issues were his "Mild articulation errors."  His gross motor skills are fantastic as are his fine motor skills.  He demonstrated that he can hold a marker correctly and draw a person and a circle, cut paper, put together a puzzle and string tiny beads.  His play was right on target because he pretended, followed a storyline, was able to make adjustments to his play to accommodate others and played with a variety of toys.  So my main concern was his speech and they went over that area in about 5 minutes and 3 minutes for the other areas but the one area they spent 15 minutes talking to me about - just about made me have an angry outburst.  The "team" went on and on about how he did not separate from me during the evaluation and engage with 7 strangers.  He kept using me as his safety net and looking to me for guidance.  They strongly suggested he be put in a preschool so he can learn to be independent from me.  I think they were just trying to have me put him in preschool since they know very well that I homeschool my kids.  Of course, Andrew did not separate from me - he didn't know anyone in that room but me.  I taught him to stay near me in uncomfortable situations.  I wouldn't want him to go off with a stranger just because they said too.  I want him to use me as his safety net - that is my job as he grows up.  At home and with his friends and in situations he knows he goes off and plays, he comes to me to check in and make sure I am still available but he is 2.  All my kids check in with me regularly - I have taught them that.  They asked several times if I thought Andrew would adjust quickly to being left in a new environment such as school or a class.  Arghhh...I was so angry when I left.  All I could think of was when Andrew is 21 years old will he be able to go to work on his own and work independently.  Yes, of course because I will make sure he can do that by that age if not sooner but at this time of his life - I want him dependent on me and I want him to trust me and know that I am his safety net and when I say someone is safe then he can trust that but I don't want him going off with a stranger just because. 


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