School, Girl Scouts and early bedtime

Time to get back on schedule because I need something to work. 

COVA still just isn't working for Cairn or me anymore.  I have lost the love to teach and Cairn has really lost the love to learn.  It is starting to affect the other 2 unfortunately, except that I have seen an incredible growth in Skylar since we took some time off.  She is writing more letters correctly more often than not.  She is picking up on reading some new words.  She is doing really well in her math workbook.  Getting her to sit down and do the schoolwork is hard but Cairn's attitude is really pulling everyone down.  All I have to say is schoolwork and she gets a bad attitude.

So I am still working on making adjustments so of course I look for inspiration from my usual blog authors but my friend Liese is the one that inspires me the most - here is her latest entry that I have bookmarked to remind me.  What's in your toolbox?

After working on some schoolwork this morning, we headed off to Girl Scouts.  I am loving our troop these days.  We have several girls that are regular attendees and they are shaping up to be great leaders.   The Daisy's (Skylar) worked on a petal, the Brownies (Cairn) worked on her Take Action Project - food waste and the Juniors worked on their Journey Award.  We have lots of events coming up and a lot of the girls are attending which makes everything more fun.

After Girl Scouts we headed home to clean out the car, play and get ready for dinner.  Since Andrew didn't get a nap today, he took a bath and went to bed, the girls having been reading quietly in their beds.  I am heading upstairs to get the kids' Valentine gifts ready for the morning.


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