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Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids woke up to a nice surprise of Valentine cards, dye free candy, new shirts and socks, and new "lipstick" (chapstick).  After eating breakfast we headed out for gymanstics.  I am trying to get Andrew to go to class by himself so he can move up to the next class but he just isn't going for it and today I should have stayed in class.  He was working on the last rotation of the day which was right by the lobby door so I could stand in the lobby and he could be in class - so I was really close by.  He ran from the door where he had come to tell me to watch him do the donkey kick bar.  All of a sudden he tripped on a mat and his poor little face hit the bar.  He immediately came running back to me with blood pouring from his mouth.  I watched the whole incident so I knew he had hit his face.  I picked him and got the blood stopped after a few minutes but he just kept crying and crying.  Finally, after about 20 minutes (Skylar was in her class now) he stopped crying and just sat perfectly still and silent on my lap.  He tried to drink some water one time but it hurt his mouth too bad.  I checked his mouth again and I saw a split upper lip and his bottom lip had a couple puncture wounds too.  After Skylar's gymnastics class we headed to Bob's to deliver Girl Scout cookies and Valentine cards.  Andrew perked up a little at Bob's, talked to him and played with toys but he still wasn't himself.  I kept telling myself he must be coming down with something.

After we left Bob's we decided to go out to lunch at Noodles.  We got our food and Andrew started crying again.  He said that it hurt too bad to eat.  I asked him if he wanted me to cut up his food and he said no and that's when I saw blood in his mouth again.  I asked him to stick out his tongue and there it was - a large hole in his tongue.  Graphic picture below.

I packed up everyone and we drove across the street to the doctor's office where they proceeded to tell me that there is nothing to do for a tongue injury.  It heals itself very quickly, so quickly, I will be amazed.  They did notice some discoloration on a couple teeth too which the doctor asked me if I brush his teeth.

 Uhhhhh... yeah, twice a day.  I didn't like that question at all (this wasn't our regular doctor).  So then she decided that he may have hit his teeth and injured them too, we will keep an eye on his teeth and take him to the dentist if we see any changes.

After the quick visit to the doctor we went home to finish lunch, take some quiet time and tylenol.  Dad had come home from work to help out with the girls since I had no idea what the doctor was going to do to Andrew and I didn't want them witnessing anything.  Well, since we didn't have any treatment stuff he came home with us and started building...

The girls and I left for Skylar's trial ballet class while Andrew was still napping.  She, of course, loved it and wants to drop gymnastics and do ballet instead.  I really hate to see her drop gymnastics because she is so good at it but maybe ballet will be shortlived.

We headed home after class for Valentine dinner - we got Dad a steak dinner from Whole Foods and the kids and I had our favorite garbanzo beans and pasta dinner.  But for dessert I had made a chocolate strawberry cheesecake (vegan).

Everyone loved it, we watched a couple Valentine shows and put everyone to bed.  We will see how Andrew is doing in the morning.  He has speech therapy and his evaluation - hopefully we won't be in too much pain.


  1. I love that igloo. Dad's have all the fun!

  2. Ouch, that had to hurt! Cool snow castle...Cappy & Nana

  3. Watch those teeth, though other than pulling them they can't do anything for them when they get discolored. Grace had 2 gray front teeth for a few years until those baby teeth fell out, she hit them at the playground. We could have pulled them, but then she would have needed spacers until the permanent teeth came in, so we just left them. She rarely smiled though, as kids made fun of her gray teeth. I guess if it really mattered you could put a veneer on them to whiten them.


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