Therapy, DAM, COVA Fall Kick off Event

Andrew and I had an Occupational Therapist join our therapy session today with Miss Jill.  We had noticed that Andrew needs a lot of sensory input to help him get focused and he also does a lot of sensory things to help calm himself or work himself up (I will explain this later).  A couple weeks ago I had completed a sensory checklist so I was anxious to get the results back.  Andrew has low registration meaning that he doesn't receive all the sensory input that the rest of us are getting. (very interesting because Cairn is the exact opposite - she takes in EVERYTHING all the time).  He may appear to be out of it, or not attending to what is going on around him.  It just takes a lot to get his body/senses going.  I have known for a long time that Andrew is very tactile (touch), but he also needs a lot of vestibular (movement), and proprioceptive (body awareness) stimulation.  I got a lot of ideas today and hope to sit down and plan out his day with our new ideas.

As soon as our therapists left we left for the Denver Art Museum.  I got a free pass from the library about a month ago, it was a rainy day and we had never been during the day when we could check things out.  Plus they had the Marvelous Mud exhibit going on and it was Writing Wednesday so we needed a cool place to go to write out letters.

Our first stop was the clay room to make something.  Andrew just liked trying out the variety of tools on the table.

 Skylar worked hard on trying to make something, she just didn't know what.  In the end she made a snowman.
 Andrew's completed snowman - mom helped a little.
Everyone's projects - 2 snowmen and an ocean with some approaching waves - Cairn isn't excited about our trip - not at all.

After we washed our hands in the clay room and in the bathroom (because the water in the clay room smelled funny) we checked out the rest of the DAM.  We were looking specifically for Ancient Roman art (didn't find any) and a cool light exhibit that my friend had talked about in her blog.  We asked everyone we could find - no one had a clue what I was talking about - we found out why when I got home.  We were at the wrong art musuem for the light exhibit.  Oh well.

We wrote our letters on the bridge between the main art musuem and the Hamilton Building.  We also built with the large blocks.

We walked around some more, just looking at things the kids found interesting.  I didn't want to do too much guidance, more a get to know the art musuem type of day.  The next time we come I want to do some actual lessons, scavenger hunt type of things.  So today was pretty easy.

Since we were on Broadway, we headed to Meiningers to see if they had anything on sale.  They did.  Then we headed to the Girl Scout shop because of course I needed some more uniforms for all my new scouts (we are up to 23).  Then we headed home for some quiet time before we headed to the COVA Kick off event.

Cairn's online school is COVA.  I try to hit a few events they sponsor just so we can meet more friends.  At first I was a little leery about the event but the kids ended up having a great time.  I actually didn't see Cairn most of the night because she was running around with her scout buddies.  Andrew and Skylar hung out with me and they jumped in the bounce houses and played with the hula hoops and sack races.  The kids also got their faces painted for free.  I would NEVER pay for this, they know that and so they were super excited that it was free. 

When we finally arrived home, everyone was exhausted since there were no naps and no quiet time.  It was an easy bedtime.


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