Cairn's First Homecoming Dance

In the backyard with Dad and family

We were meeting some of her friends at a nearby school to take pictures.  We got there early so we did some of our own creations.

The dance was held at the Parker Fieldhouse and the theme was Space.  There were probably 150-200 kids there.  She had a great time.  She has another dance in 2 weeks!

Trip to New Mexico

We took our trip to New Mexico this past week.  We had great weather.  We left on Friday afternoon and drove 8 1/2 hours to Socorro to be as close as we could get to the Trinity Site.

The Trinity Site is only open 2 times a year to visitors - the first Saturday in April and the first Saturday in October.  We read that there would be LONG lines of people waiting to get inside so we wanted to be there as soon as the gates opened at 8 AM.  When we arrived there was a mile long wait but we got in pretty quickly.

Before leaving home, we watched some videos about the first atomic bomb, who built it, why it was tested at the Trinity Site and the destruction it caused in Japan.

We spent a couple hours touring the site and the ranch house where they assembled the bomb.  It was a very interesting site.

That afternoon we started driving back toward Albuquerque but not before we hit a couple Pueblo Mission sites.  The kids were able to earn another Junior Ranger badge plus some ribbons (their fi…