Father's Day

We took Dad back to IFly to fly.  (I didn't fly because I had been vomiting the night before - didn't want that in the tube).

Enjoy our videos. Random order.

Rock Climbing

Skylar and Andrew have decided that they want to learn how to rock climb.

On Wednesday, after Andrew got his haircut and everyone went swimming for a couple hours and before Taekwondo, we went to the rock climbing orientation.

I have a video of Andrew from that day.  Don't watch after the first 25 seconds (I didn't turn off my phone).  The next day we returned for the kids to climb again and I got a video of Skylar since I messed up the first day.

They have gone rock climbing everyday since Wednesday. They got Dad to take them twice.  He is working on getting Belay Certified so we can go anytime.  I will get my Belay Certification soon so we can go during the week during the winter when they aren't staffed.

New Haircut

Andrew decided a couple weeks ago he wanted a buzz cut.  He wanted to leave a section down the middle a little long (like a mohawk).  Mom said no way.

Before the haircut

As the head gets shaved.

Look at all that HAIR!

Andrew never smiles this much when he gets his haircut.  Usually he is Mr.Serious.

All finished!

Front view

Side view

Back view

He loves his new haircut.  He even has to use some gel.  He did his hair several times and even talked about his shower schedule, since he will need to wash out the gel.

Some of the things we have been up too lately

It is too early in the summer to turn on the air conditioner (even though it is in the 90's everyday) so whenever we turn on the fan, Pip loves to lay underneath it and cool down.
June 1st was Donut Day so we went to Lamar's with our golden ticket and everyone was able to choose any donut.  Then we went to Krispy Kreme and had our choose again of any donut.  Finally, we ended up a Edible Arrangements where we got a slice of apple covered in chocolate.  It was really good and we got to enter their contest.  It was a sugar filled morning.

On Memorial Day, we attended the service at Fort Logan National Ceremony as we do every year.  It was really good this year.  Fort Logan has a new Director and he focused on the meaning of Memorial Day and didn't invite any politicians.

Our last roller skating event before summer and Andrew tried the limbo.  He almost made it to the end.

We signed up to do a swap with people from around the country.  Each family mails 4 packages of inform…

End of the School Year Dance

Cairn enjoys going to the local  homeschool dances with her friends.  Each time, we take a carload of friends.

Everyone came over for pictures, before we headed to the dance.

Cairn with Dad.

Cairn and her friends - no one was a date, they just go together as a group and meet up with more friends at the dance.

The other moms taking pictures of the group.

They all look so cute!

The kids had a great time at the dance.  The other girl got asked to dance by another boy at the dance so the boy standing next to Cairn asked Cairn to dance.  It was her first slow dance.

She is growing up too quickly!!

Halloween 2017

Andrew as Zeb from Star Wars Rebels.

Skylar (cheerleader), Andrew (Zeb), Charley (the nerd), Cairn (Annabeth)

Look at their stash!!  Most of it was donated to our Military.

Halloween Party

We attended our homeschool group's Halloween Party.  The kids had to dress up which I love so the costumes get used more than just one time.
They had face painting.

Chairs for the teens to lounge.

A craft table


There were 2 different face painters so Andrew tried them both.  We aren't sure what this one was thinking.

More games

Then the old stick your hand in a bucket and figure out what it is.  The kids were much braver than me.

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  Hopefully, they will do the party again next year.